Sunday, May 22, 2011

the beds are planted

My raised beds are FINALLY planted. It's actually been about a month since I had planted the seedlings.  Believe it or not, because of my bumble-headed-ness, I actually planted 2 rows of jalapeño peppers. I like spicy food, but I think 2 rows is ridiculous. The problem was that when the seedlings were in the peat pots, the whole tray fell and everything got jumbled. The only pepper seedlings that survived were the jalapeños (what does that tell you about this pepper)?

This was, by far, the LONGEST and most trying project yet. The yard is looking better, week by week. I planted some sunflowers, and they are about 4 feet high and look like they are just about to bloom. Here is a pic of them - though I didn't get a bud to show...

My cat, Bella, is totally intrigued by these plants.  Maybe she likes the way they smell?

I also have a flowering aloe vera!  All my neighbors tell me that it's pretty rare for aloe vera to flower. I went walking around the neighborhood to look at other yards that had mature plants. I found one other house that had flowers.  If you've never seen a flowering aloe vera, here's a pic...

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